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The Team believes in:




Quality of Life

  • We want to work in harmony and with team spirit and in an atmosphere of mutual support and care which response to specific needs of both men and women at all times

  • We desire honesty, openness, and feel free to express our views and ideas in the work place

  • We want to work were people are respected

  • We want personal financial well-being and to work in an organization that is financially secure

  • We desire good housing in a clean living and working environment as well as to experience educational opportunities to enable us to improve personally and to have educational opportunities  for our children

  • We desire to be healthy, enjoying clean air, water and abundant nutritious foods in an aesthetically pleasing and clean environment

  • We desire to work free from politics, racialism, gender-bias and any other prejudice


Forms of Production

  • To meet our purpose and enjoy working lives as outlined above we must produce::

  • Profitable enterprise and sound financial planning at all times

  • Exceptional Holistic Management training and living example OF Holistic Management in Practice

  • A collaborating management and staff team that is always pulling in one-direction – towards our holistic context

  • Education, training and employment opportunities for Smallholder Communities in arid and semi-arid environment

  • A work environment in which visiting students, tourists and  others feel welcomed, cared for and appreciated

  • Institute grounds that fit the local environment and have good offices, work places, housing and amenities for sport and enjoyment with a clean environment free from dirt, trash and polluting waste

  • Opportunities and an environment which accommodates opportunities for personal growth and learning which addresses strategic gender needs  via appropriate research


Future Resource Base     


Our Behavior: 

For us to achieve our purpose through gaining the respect and support of our clients, suppliers, partners and the local community we must remain:

Helpful, friendly ,honest, open to ideas from others, have a good attitude, be prompt, reliable, clean, respectful, caring and professional, gendered, skilled, knowledgeable, competent, motivated, passionate and enthusiastic.


Our Land:

The land we manage and that managed by the community with which we work, must years from now:

Enjoy  effective water and mineral cycling, high density of all life forms and wildlife

Perennially running rivers and reliable underground water sources, small crop fields, intensive cropping, covered soils and part of overall density of landscape and life forms

Croplands, gardens and rangelands on which  I soils will be covered with plants and litter to ensure our sustained future,, land that will support  far greater production than today of wildlife, livestock, gardens and more to ensure a prosperous and stable community




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    Dr Kudzai  Mugweni

    Community Health Matters 2012 Resuscitation Council (UK) Bristol, Advanced Life Support (ALS) 2011 MSc in Clinical Research· Graduated with Distinction Awarded the Course Director’s Prize: Cranfield University UK 2003 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery Degree Honours in Biochemistry, Behavioural Sciences and Community Medicine: University of Zimbabwe, Harare Oct 2012 to date James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust Great Yarmouth